Sharepoint from Non-SharePointer

Well, I have been part of the SharePoint Community as a wife, observer, friend, and much more for over 6 years so I am taking a stab to provide my observation about SharePoint Community and SharePoint Conference. SharePoint for SharePointers isn’t just a job- it’s their passion, their calling, and definitely their lifestyle. SharePointers put in endless hours to become Super Experts, have “mind blowing” presentations, and take much deserved time to network, have fun, decompress, and socialize during the SharePoint Conference. This conference is where I come feeling intelligent (yeah I am bragging), but leave feeling like there is so much more to learn and do (and now I am not). The SharePoint Community inspires and motivates me to “aim higher”, become better, and continue to search for things “I don’t know I don’t know”! The community is a large family that has it’s ups and downs, occasional feuds, but takes pride in collaboration and offering endless support to each other. It’s the community that no mater how cute, hot, or buff you are, unless you “add value” by bringing something they can learn from you to the table you are courteously respected but definitely no “in”! I grew to love this community and appreciate their intelligence, acceptance, and respect. Until next time!


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